Dot’s Micro-Publishing House is proud to introduce debut children’s book author!


Dot’s Consultant, Management, & Micro-Publishing House is proud to present its newest author, Jessa Leigh Sneller-Hamilton.  She will be releasing her debut children’s book at the beginning of 2017.  Dreamlands is her first children’s book that reminds children to disconnect from fear and allow their subconscious mind, while they dream, to always guide them through waking life.

Jessa Leigh believes that everyone should connect to her inner child. Imagination is an important part of life, and her goal is to continue to keep children connected by reminding them to always believe anything can happen!

Jessa Leigh Sneller-Hamilton was born in Boca Raton, Florida, but moved to Lincoln, Nebraska when she was three years old, and have lived in Nebraska ever since. She is Vietnamese, Austrian, Cuban, Italian, and Polish and is blessed to have multiple families in and outside of blood relations.

To learn more about Jessa or her up-coming debut children’s book, visit

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