The Pycroft Particle Paperback


Matthew E. Nordin

Doctor Patricia Pycroft is set to revolutionize the travel industry. With her eccentric colleagues, her work will make teleportation a reality for everyone. Although she has the support of her Christian husband, the secrecy of her work threatens to tear their marriage apart.

As success seems sure, strange occurrences start to happen at the lab and her test subjects exhibit strange behaviors. Her life’s work may be teleporting more than matter. Will she achieve triumph or failure? Is there any explanation for the strange effects on her test subjects?

Find out in this sci-fi adventure that sparks a new series of stories spanning celestial distances and generations. This debut novel by Matthew E Nordin sets the framework for a world being formed. You can follow his journey and find more information about the author at

The Pycroft Particle ~ $12.99

The Pycroft Particle Paperback

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