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Meet Jessa Leigh in her own words…

Hey guys! My name is Jessa! I am 22 years old, but my studies in what I truly have a passion for (which would be all things metaphysical and holistic) are still just beginning!

I am adopted and grew up in Lincoln, Nebraska, but part of my heart is in Pennsylvania with my birth families. I am truly so lucky to know and have relationships with them all!

Outside of learning what I can about holistic forms of healing, I have a daughter named Mila, and we love to paint! Words come naturally to me, but I would really like to dabble more into different mediums of paint some day, and even create my own illustrations in the future!

I did have Mila at a young age, but I have wanted to teach children in some way since being asked what I wanted to be when I grow up. Children’s books are a perfect way for me to use my love for poetry as cute little messages about spirituality, self love, nature, and whatever else comes to my mind to eventually put out there to children! Children are our future! As much information as I feel like I have to pass on to them, they are a huge part of my constant inspiration when I become to serious with life, and I learn just as much from them!

Dreamlands is my first children’s book that reminds children to disconnect from fear and allow their subconscious mind, while they dream, to always guide them through waking life.