Our Mission


To provide a micro-publishing opportunity through association with IngramSpark to independent authors. To come alongside those authors who through their deeds, words, and works openly declare Jesus Christ as the Son of God, the only Savior by assisting in publishing their title with the affiliation of a printed logo and established company affiliations. To provide a Christ-centered community to encourage and promote each Member’s titles.


Dot’s Micro-Publishing House is a form of an umbrella company. This means its existence is solely for the purpose of offering a place for others to unite under and a central company to pay for multiple services. Dot’s House does not operate with capital, therefore, services must be paid for when rendered.

Dot’s House does not offer traditional publishing services in marketing and sales. A Member’s Guide to marketing and sales will be provided. However, actual implementation of the guide is up to each Member. Members are encouraged to utilize these resources for a more successful endeavor.

Through Dot’s House, all profits are given back to the Owner of the Title. Because all costs are rendered at the time of service, Dot’s House is able to pass on all profits as they occur. This model allows the Owner of the Title to proceed at their own pace as they are capable and motivates Members to promote their work.

For more information about how Dot’s House functions, check out our Prospectus and Operational Plan here.