Dot’s Micro-Publishing company has a rising, innovative approach to the publishing industry. Our goal is to invite each author into “the house” and to provide the appropriate venue and support for authors within the connection of community.

Dot’s Micro-Publishing House provides consultation, management, and micro-publication services to new and established authors. Services will include:

  • providing feedback, revision, and editing;
  • book layout, cover design, and multimedia options in which the author will have input and freedom to choose;
  • publishing in a variety of mediums to be selected by the author;
  • promoting & scheduling engagements in collaboration with the author
  • development as well as implementation of promotions, marketing strategies, and sales in cooperation with the author.

The target “house” members for Dot’s Micro-Publishing company are new and established authors. Specifically, Dot’s would like to partner with those who believe that each person has a voice, each voice has a message, and that message is worthy of being communicated intentionally and powerfully.