True Vine Curriculum

Dot’s House has recently acquired the rights to the True Vine Curriculum. Please be patient with us as we develop the webpages and ordering documentation. Many changes are coming, we thank you for your understanding.

If you’d like to e-mail your order to us, please send the Title of the Units, the Number of Units Needed, and Confirm the Shipping Address here. We will acknowledge the order via e-mail.

Current Curriculum Price List:

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SKU or Reference NumberTITLE                                                                                          DescriptionPrice per book
Grades 2, 3 & 4
 Light Upon My Path Text 
(28 Lessons)
 Light Upon My Path Workbook 
(Fill in the Blank Companion Book)
0630438Light Upon My Path Combo
(One Book Including both Text & Workbook)
 With All My Heart Text
(28 Lessons)
 With All My Heart   Workbook
(Fill in the Blank Companion Book)
9464829With All My Heart Combo
(One Book Including both Text & Workbook)
Grades 5 & 6
 0821157Beginning Course in the Compendium                  (Small Book)$8.50
0810786Teach Me Your Way   Text                                                          (28 Lessons)$14.75
0804839Teach Me Your Way Perforated 8½ x 11 Workbook
(Fill in the Blank Companion)
0809728Teach Me Your Way 5½ x 8½  Workbook – Smaller Font         
(Fill in the Blank Companion)
0714459Our Junior Bible Course (OT) – Book 1                  (28 Lessons)$9.75
 0821461Our Junior Bible Course (NT) – Book 2                  (28 Lessons)$9.75
Grades 7, 8 & 9
 Our Bible Doctrine Course    (27 Lessons)$9.00
 Learning Doctrine from the Bible      (28 Lessons)$10.50
0704986What Must I Know    (23 Lessons)$13.25
0712769That I May Know Text                                            (28 Lessons)$14.15
0710772That I May Know Workbook                
(Fill in the Blank Companion Small Book)
0712769That I May Know Teacher’s Manual  
(Transparency Guide – No Longer Available)
High School
0704931Saved from Sin      (20 Lessons)$9.75
 Saved to Serve                                                  (20 Lessons)$9.75
0705679Never On Your Own Text   
(111 Sections, 2 Year Program)
0704429Never On Your Own   Workbook Part 1                 
(28 Lessons, Small Book)
 0822383Never On Your Own   Workbook Part 2                 
(28 Lessons, Small Book)
Additional Materials
    Introduction to the Compendium$7.00
    1st Book in Christian Doctrine$7.00
    2nd Book in Christian Doctrine$9.25
    3rd Book in Christian Doctrine$16.00
    Learning to Know the Lord$6.25
Italicized prices are old format, bold prices with SKU are new format.