Still Here…

Dot’s Micro-Publishing House is still open and doing business.

We are thankful that through Covid our faithful True Vine Customers have been able to continue to obtain their curriculum needs. A few times there were some sticky time frames due to printing delays, but we’ve managed to keep things on track for the most part.

Actually, Dot’s House has even grown. We now have a catalog for the True Vine Curriculum and will be mailing those out to churches in the U.S. and Canada. Dot’s House has consulted on a couple books that are in the works of being written and hope to assist in a family history book being published by a local elderly man.

So, though things may not be changing on the outside, there are many things happening under the surface. As always, we’d love to hear from you, so feel free to leave us a comment or Get in Touch.

Thank you, Wilson Public Library!

Dot’s House would like to give a BIG shout out and THANK YOU to Laurie Yocom and the Writer’s Club at the Wilson Public Library!

On Thursday, October 10, 2019, Dot’s House traveled to Cozad, Nebraska to give an informational presentation on the Micro-Publishing Process. The crowd was small but engaged, and we loved every moment of discussing what we have learned over the last 3 years with them. Some of the topics covered were:

  • What is Micro-Publishing?
  • Preparing your work for publishing
  • Covers
  • Distribution
  • Marketing Options for the Indie Author

For those that were not able to attend, Dot’s House left contact information and outlines with Ms. Yocom, please feel free to Contact Us with your questions. For those who are interested in having Dot’s House come to your group and give a 45-60 minute presentation, please contact Dot’s House through this site or e-mail office @ Dot’s House has also scheduled Writing presentations with M.D. Schlatter as she discusses how she wrote and developed her first release Autumn Frost. If you have other topic ideas, please contact us to discuss those ideas.

Always Trying to Improve

Dot’s House website is once again going through a revamping. Between the changes happening with WordPress and the new additions to Dot’s House things just can’t stay the same.

We are extremely excited about the fresh new look and the new bells and whistles being offered with WordPress. Some previous features are no longer available but we like how the new format is working. What do you think?

As with any change, it takes time to get everything adjusted and figure out the best way to present something. We started with the Home page and the Store and hope to get to the Curriculum page soon.

Please let us know what you think of the changes and if you think something isn’t working correctly or needs further improvement. We love to hear from our Dot’s House friends and family!

Dot’s House Adds Bible Based Curriculum

Dot’s House is excited to be offering a Bible Based Curriculum to its listing of available publications. Dot’s House recently purchased the rights to the True Vine Curriculum. Over the next few weeks you may notice a new page or two with added forms to help streamline the purchasing process.

We want to welcome all the previous clients who have used True Vine in the past to Dot’s House! We look forward to developing a lasting work relationship with you.

As we are approaching the busy season for ordering this Curriculum, the initial changes will be mininmal as we try to simply facilitate the transfer of documents and fulfill orders. The biggest challenge we face is digitalizing the books from hard copy format. However, Dot’s House has plans to offer online ordering, updated covers and binding, as well as, other cosmetic changes. Check out the new Curriculum Logo:

We promise to keep the integrity of True Vine in tact as we make any edits or changes; and we hope you will like the more modernized look that still holds the same foundational truths True Vine is known for.

If you have previously used True Vine Curriculum, Dot’s House would ask that if you have any edits or errors that you’d like to see changed, please e-mail them to Subject: True Vine Edits. Thank you!

Spring Special


Starting April 15, 2019, Dot’s House will be offering a Spring/Easter Special for a limited time only. To find out more about this special and get the link to purchase, sign up for our Mailing List!

Already closed the sign up window? No problem, use the button below:

Dot’s House Newsletter will go out April 15th at 9:00 a.m. If you sign up after that time, you will not get the April Newsletter with the Special Link; however, you will be ready to receive future specials and news events.

(P.S. Like, Follow, and Stay Connected…you never know when a flash sale might appear!)

Something New…

Dot’s House is trying something new and offering eBook versions to our customers. Now, you can get an eBook of any Dot’s House title emailed directly to you from Dot’s House!

Go to the Dot’s House Store and open the eBooks page. Click on the link under the cover you want to purchase. Be sure to include your email address at check out, and specify the version you are requesting.

Most ereaders use the ePub file to access books. However, Kindle requires the MOBI file. If no device or file version is specified, Dot’s House will send the ePub file format as it is the most commonly used.

When you receive your eBook file in your e-mail, simple open it using your preferred ebook reader. (If you open your file on the computer, you may need to save the file before opening it in your ebook reader. Just be certain to note where you saved it so you can find it. lol)

We are so excited to be able to offer you this great new service. We hope you will take advantage of it and spread the word!

As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us, we’d love to hear from you.

Barnes & Noble Deals

Dot’s House is now a part of the Barnes and Noble Affiliated program. At the bottom of our home page, you will see periodic deals and specials ran through Barnes and Noble.

Today, February 26th, Barnes and Noble is running their Members Early Access #bookhaul event with over 400 titles at 50% off. Tomorrow that event will be opened up to everyone.

If you use our links to access special events or purchase our books, Dot’s House gets a portion of the proceeds. Thank you for supporting Dot’s House through your regular shopping needs!