Who is M.D. Schlatteauthor photobwr?

I am a Converse by birth. I was born one of two girls given to my parents. Growing up, being a Converse meant ‘Family’ to me. I remember the safety and security I felt knowing I belonged to a ‘Family’. My parents divorced when I was 10 years old and that sense of ‘Family’ was tested and solidified in me in numerous ways – from having step-parents and siblings, to challenged relations with those I counted as rocks in my life, and realizing that ‘Family’ can also be those you aren’t related to. ‘Family’, or lack thereof, defines you and has a huge impact on who we become. Therefore, being a Converse is vital to who I am and where my views come from.

I am a wife and Schlatter by marriage. We married in 2002 and my husband became a Farmer shortly after we married. We live on a farm in the center of the U.S. and enjoy our conservative lifestyle. I am blessed beyond reason to be able to stay at home and work at keeping the house, the farm books, and food on the table – not to mention the endless job of keeping the clothes clean and mended. In 2015, we lost the Farmer’s father and I added another hat to my head: that of a farmhand, helping out driving the tractor and working cattle. It was a huge change for us and a defining moment in our family history.

I am a mother by nature.  I have given birth to 7 wonderful children, though one was lost to us at 4 days old. This experience of birthing and losing has had a vast impact on my life and who I am today. My surviving 6 children are my blessings. Though they challenge me. They frustrate me. They keep me on the honest road. And I often wonder what I am teaching them with my life. I have hope (and pray considerably) that the legacy I leave them is one of assurance and trust in Jesus Christ. I am not perfect, but neither are they, and we are ALL truly and deeply loved by our God.

I am a dreamer by instinct. I would love to travel around the U.S. and explore its wealth of history and beauty (though the Farmer would question my interest in history as I get tired of museums quickly.) I love traveling. I love coffee (made my way). I love a good book. But most of all, I love creating – be it a delicious dessert, a new dress, a scrapbook of memories, or writing a book – creating is something I truly enjoy.

Lastly, and most significantly, I am a child of God by grace. In 2014, I had a genuine encounter with Jesus. After a lifetime of being raised in religion, to genuinely be loved by my Savior was freeing and profound. To this day I struggle to not fall back into and be legalistic in my beliefs but to be genuine – in how I live, how I believe, how I interact with others. But I know, though I struggle throughout this life, I am solidly and irrevocably loved by Him who has called me. My hopes are that my life glorifies my God and Savior, that I can raise the children entrusted to me in a way that honors the Giver of Life and my husband, and that when I die, some good can be seen from the years I lived.

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Autumn Frost, Released in August, 2018

Autumn CoverRunning. From the past, the pain, and the uncaring. That describes Autumn to the core of her being. She wants out and will do whatever it takes to make it happen. Fortunately for her, she stumbles into an opportunity of a lifetime with a few quirks. Can she be so lucky or is this something other than luck? And is it even possible since that tragic day years ago that she could feel loved again?

Lady Cannon is seeking a solution to the future. Being an influential trendsetter of her time the responsibilities given her weigh heavily on her shoulders and time is running out. Could her solution be found in a too green and inexperienced young girl? Or will everything come crashing down as she puts her trust in her Father once again?

And holding it all together is Landon Michaels. Somehow having gained the irrevocable trust of the Cannon matriarch Landon has sworn to serve her faithfully. Having his hands tied is frustrating but he keeps seeking an answer bound to his duty and commitment. Little does he know that up ahead will be a curve totally unexpected that will change his life forever.

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