Former Author: Matthew E. Nordin

Matthew E. Nordin is a speculative fiction writer, poet, and a Midwestern traveler. He grew up in a rural setting on a farm outside of Gothenburg, Nebraska. His mind would thirst for sci-fi and fantasy books during his years attending a one-room, country school. The extensive library contained works well above the average reading level of an elementary student. As an avid reader of poetry, Matthew found himself creating over one hundred poems throughout high school. Those sappy lyrics were (hopefully) burned and replaced by a number of eloquent poems and stories, in his collective book of poems, Musings of the Northern Poet.

Other writings by Matthew include short stories.  His short story, “Paint Me a Picture of Poison,” won the 2017 Constellation short story contest in the Adult Professional category.  He also wrote a short story titled “XR-404,” a work of flash fiction (less than 1000 words).

Matthew lived in the Old Market area of Omaha for over ten years after graduating from Grace University where earned a double Bachelor of Science degrees in Christian Education and Biblical Studies. His devotion to the study of Scripture and faith in God have driven him to seek the goodwill of others and to love unconditionally. Although there is more to learn, he refers to himself as an unfinished Christian.

He met his soul mate and wife, Lisa, while performing at a Renaissance Festival with Evengard Improv, a theater troupe he co-founded and now leads. The company started in 2010 under the direction of Stephen Goodale. They have performed hundreds of shows at some of the most unique locations. Stephen relinquished the reigns to the organization in 2014 but continues to join the zazzy actors. Matthew (the Northern Poet) and Lisa (Story) can be seen doing stage and street shows at Ren Faires and Sci-Fi conventions across the Mid-West.

Matthew keeps active in social media through Scenery Changes and informs his followers of his writing wisdom and acting advice.  You can find the quips and tips he learned on Facebook ( and sign up for the newsletter ( Keep an eye on this one; there are not enough words in dwarfish, elfish, or the languages of men to describe him further.