Former Author: Rachael N. Miller

-Rachael N. Miller is a young author, artist, and Chick-Fil-A employee currently adventuring in Greeley, CO. She has been scraping together stories since she was twelve and started off by writing poor fan fiction off her favorite series: Redwall. Her first young adult novel The Black Robin of Ferryn was written as a school project when she was fifteen; she went on to self-publish the finalized work her senior year in high school. Rachael dreams about writing more fiction, as well as several non-fiction works–but she’s pretty slow at getting things done and struggles with a condition called “Procrastinating Perfectionism.”

-Rachael was homeschooled by her amazing mother—who instilled a love of English and writing in her daughter at a young age. Her mom had a big hand in editing, coaxing, and resuscitating life back into Rachael’s pitiful first novel and actually making it something worth reading. Since graduating from home-education, Rachael has gone on to achieve her Associates in Arts at Mid-plains Community College in North Platte, NE.  

-Rachael got hitched in 2014 to a green-eyed elf, and they go on many everyday adventures together. In October 2015 they lost their first child, Butterfly, to a blighted ovum miscarriage. Rachael has a passion for sharing her story as well as inspiring other women to share their own.

-Rachel involves herself in way too many activities such as: writing, reading, photography, art, knitting, church choir, blogging, and editing novels for friends. Individuals can follow her blog here ( and her photography Facebook page here (