TWO great October Specials at Dot’s House!

Dot’s Micro-Publishing House is excited to announce TWO specials in October.

Find Your BeYOUtiful by Alexandrea Paige is on sale for $13.99. This a a wonderfully inspirational book that is a perfect give for the women in your life. This author will be hosting an author talk and book signing at Barnes & Noble in Easton, PA on Sunday, Oct. 28 at 3 p.m. @BNBethlehem

Silent Stories: Sharing Hope, Love and Loss After Miscarriage by Rachael N. Wardyn is on sale for $10. This author is celebrating the one-year anniversary of this book’s release with this special. October is Pregnancy & Infant Loss month and Rachael commissioned a book trailer about the hope she desires to bring to other women and families through her own story and this book. Check out the trailer HERE.

Take advantage of these two offers by going to the Dot’s Micro-Publishing House store.

Fall Special for Legends of Kaya Hardbacks

Fall is officially here! And as the leaves are falling, so are the prices on The Legend of Kaya, first edition hardbacks!!! Contact me or visit Dot’s Micro-Publishing website to purchase a LIMITED FIRST EDITION copy for $14.99! There are only so many of these original copies left and when they’re gone, they’re gone! If you or someone you know has yet to get a copy of my debut novel, now is the PERFECT time as this is the lowest price to date! This sale will run until September 29th, so hurry and get your orders in soon!FC6A9DED-89F8-4CA4-BA02-21A82F5029C6

Dot’s House Members Only Page

Dot’s House is pleased to announce a new page on the website: Dot’s House Members.  Dot’s House Members can now have access to this special opportunity page that provides promotional and marketing tools, links, and sites.

To access this private page, go to the Dot’s Micro-Publishing website, click the Main Menu, and then select Dot’s House Members. This page is password protected. You will need to enter the password to see the contents.

If you did not get a password or have forgotten it, please contact Roxanne or Melanie.

We are so thankful for each of our members and wish you all the best of success with your books.


Dot’s is proud to announce debut release by M. D. Schlatter!

Autumn CoverOn August 1, M. D. Schlatter released her debut novel, Autumn Frost, in her Seasons of the Heart series.

Running. From the past, the pain, and the uncaring. That describes the main character, Autumn, to the core of her being. She wants out and will do whatever it takes to make it happen. Fortunately for her, she stumbles into an opportunity of a lifetime with a few quirks. Can she be so lucky or is this something other than luck? And is it even possible since that tragic day years ago that she could feel loved again?

Another pivotal character, Lady Cannon, is seeking a solution to the future. Being an influential trend setter of her time the responsibilities given her weigh heavily on her shoulders and time is running out. Could the solution be found in a too green and inexperienced young girl? Or will everything come crashing down as she puts her trust in her Father once again.

Holding it all together is the character Landon Michaels. Having gained the irrevocable trust of the Cannon matriarch, Landon has sworn to serve her faithfully, though having his hands tied is frustrating. Through all the challenges he keeps seeking an answer bound to his duty and commitment. Little does he know that up ahead will be a curve totally unexpected which will change his path in ways he never expected.

M.D. Schlatter lives on a farm in the Center of the United States. For as long as she can remember, she has enjoyed making up stories to pass the time: be it on a roadtrip or falling asleep at night. In make-believe worlds, anything can happen and the ending can always be changed.  In 2006, she started writing some of those stories down. Today, though she is busy being a wife, mother, and farmhand, she looks forward to leaving a legacy of her writing for the generations to come. Ultimately, she hopes to glorify her God and Savior with her life, her service to family and community, and her creative talents.

To learn more about the story, watch the book trailer HERE.

Books can be purchased on all retail sites for $14.99. Purchase your copy directly from Dot’s for only $12.99 HERE.




M.D. Schlatter to Release Autumn Frost August 1st!

Introducing two of the characters in Autumn Frost, the debut novel and first in a series by M. D. Schlatter. These characters come to life in this romantic, christian-fiction novel.

Autumn DeBlue is an 18-year-old young lady trapped by her circumstances. In Nebraska, you remain a minor until the legal age of 19. With a father, Edmund, who ignores her and puts unrealistic expectations on her, she can’t wait to get away – but her birthday is not coming fast enough. Then one day, she stumbles upon an opportunity that will change her life.

Pre-orders are on sale now through the end of July for only $10.99. Simply go to Dot’s House Store to order yours today!

Dot’s Micro-Publishing House Announces Newest Release!


Dot’s Micro-Publishing House is proud to announce the newest release by Matthew E. Nordin. This christian, sci-fi novel is Nordin’s second book published with Dot’s Micro-Publishing House. The Pycroft Particle is available in print by clicking HERE or in Ebook  at Barnes&Noble, Amazon, and iTunes.

Doctor Patricia Pycroft is set to revolutionize the travel industry. With her eccentric colleagues, her work will make teleportation a reality for everyone. Although she has the support of her Christian husband, the secrecy of her work threatens to tear their marriage apart.

As success seems sure, strange occurrences start to happen at the lab and her test subjects exhibit strange behaviors. Her life’s work may be teleporting more than matter. Will she achieve triumph or failure? Is there any explanation for the strange effects on her test subjects?

Find out in this sci-fi adventure that sparks a new series of stories spanning celestial distances and generations. This debut sci-fi novel by Matthew E Nordin sets the framework for a world being formed. 

Nordin is a speculative fiction writer, poet, and a Midwestern traveler. He grew up in a rural setting on a farm outside of Gothenburg, Nebraska. His mind would thirst for sci-fi and fantasy books during his years attending a one-room, country school. The extensive library contained works well above the average reading level of an elementary student. He discovered the power books hold over emotions after reading Where the Red Fern Grows by Wilson Rawls, and has never recovered.

As an avid reader of poetry, Nordin found himself creating over one hundred poems throughout high school. Those sappy lyrics were (hopefully) burned and replaced by a number of eloquent works contained in his collective book of poems, Musings of the Northern Poet.

His short story, Paint Me a Picture of Poison, won the 2017 Constellation short story contest in the Adult Professional category. It was released on Kindle in July 2017.  He also wrote a flash fiction story titled XR-404 for ebook. 

You can follow Nordin’s journey and find more information about the author HERE and at