Welcomes Matthew E. Nordin!

Dot’s Consultant, Management, & Micro-Publishing House is proud to welcome its first poet to “the house”!  Matthew E. Nordin is a native of Gothenburg, Nebraska, but currently resides in Omaha, Nebraska.  His first collection of poetry, Musings of the Northern Poet, is scheduled to be released this Christmas, 2016.


Influenced by his love of God, his wife, and the Renaissance festivals; this collection of syllabic poetry will lighten the reader through its couplets and verse. From his best poems written while attending a Biblical college, to his lighter works from his involvement at local Ren Faires, these poems seek to inspire and reach the limits of the mind’s emotions. Split into three sections, it is Matthew’s desire to have others experience his life’s passions: faith, hope, and love.

For more information, contact Dot’s Consultant, Management, & Micro-Publishing House or Roxanne Converse-Whiting through personal message on Facebook or Twitter or at roxanneconversewhiting@gmail.com.

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