Everyone has a Voice at Dot’s House!

Abigail Schlatter, a junior high student in Kansas, loves to write.  She writes fiction stories and poetry not only for school, but as a hobby.  Dot’s House wants to recognize and affirm this up & coming writer’s voice by sharing two of Abigail’s latest poems.

I Stand Here

I stand here
Full of gloom
I stand here
In this room
I stand here
All alone
I stand here
Surrounded by stone
I stand here
Trapped by fear
I stand here
With my tears
I stand here
Wanting to leave
I stand here
Afraid to breathe
I stand here
I lift my head
I stand here
I’m not dead
I stand here
I’m alive and well
I stand here
I must leave my cell
I stand here
I must just let go
I stand here
Of what I don’t know
I stand here
I’m not afraid
I stand here
My heart no longer weighed
I leave
I’m free indeed
I walk
Because I am freed

The Great Full Moon

That night of
The great full moon
Everyone was calm
He was coming soon.
For on the night
Of the great full moon
The man would come
With his balloons
He would choose three of us
Or maybe four
To come with him
To be here no more
For here was dark
And full of gloom
But some would escape
On the great full moon
They would rise in the air
And sail far away
And would go someplace better
For the rest of their days
We waited quietly
No one stirred
Nothing moved
No beast, no bird
The moon came up
It started to rise
Its brightness above us
Filled the skies
A shape appeared
his silhouette
He had his balloons
We knew he wouldn’t forget

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