M. D. Schlatter joins Dot’s House!

Dot’s Consultant, Management & Micro-Publishing House is excited to announce its newest author, M. D. Schlatter!


Melanie lives on a small farm in the Center of the U.S. For years she has enjoyed making up stories to pass the time and losing herself in make believe worlds where anything can happen and the ending can always be changed.  About six years ago she started writing those stories down. Today, though she is busy being a wife, farmhand, and mother she looks forward to leaving a legacy of her writing for the generations to come. Ultimately, she hopes that her life glorifies her God and Savior, that she can raise the children entrusted to her in a way that honors the Giver of Life, and that when she dies that some good can be seen from the years she has lived.

Autumn Frost, the first in M. D. Schlatter’s triology, Coming 2017!

Running. From the past, the pain, and the uncaring. That describes Autumn to the core of her being. She wants out and will do whatever it takes to make it happen. Fortunately for her, she stumbles into an opportunity of a lifetime with a few quirks. Can she be so lucky or is this something other than luck? And is it even possible since that tragic day years ago that she could feel loved again?

Lady Cannon is seeking a solution to the future. Being an influential trend setter of her time the responsibilities given her weigh heavily on her shoulders and time is running out. Could her solution be found in a too green and inexperienced young girl? Or will everything come crashing down as she puts her trust in her Father once again.

And holding it all together is Landon Michaels. Somehow having gained the irrevocable trust of the Cannon matriarch Landon has sworn to serve her faithfully. Having his hands tied is frustrating but he keeps seeking an answer bound to his duty and commitment. Little does he know that up ahead will be a curve totally unexpected that will change his life forever.

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