Dot’s Consultant, Management, & Micro-Publishing House is excited about the release of Alexandrea Paige’s book, Find Your BeYOUtiful.  It is currently at the printing house and will be available later in March.  Alexandrea believes that anyone who opens this book was meant to find it and meant to read it. She emphatically states, “You are beautiful, you are magical, you are powerful, you are strong, you are brave, and you are inspiring. If you have the courage to follow your dreams, you can achieve anything.”

The Ten Commandments of Finding Your BeYOUtiful:

1.Take The Leap

2. Forgiveness

3. Fall In Love With Yourself

4. Decorate Your Soul

5. Turn Your Negative Into Positive

6. Find Your Magic

7. Change Your Attitude To Gratitude

8. Find Beauty In Everything

9. Always Keep Your Faith

10. Write Your Own Destiny


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