New Year, New Owner, New Roads Ahead:

It’s Dot’s House’s desire to see new and upcoming authors be successful in whatever means that they define success. Throughout the transition from founding owner, Roxanne Converse-Whiting, to the new owner, Melanie Schlatter, Dot’s House has had one goal: To help authors realize their dream.

It has been a bittersweet experience over the last few months as several of our authors have moved past what Dot’s House can do for them and have chosen to go other directions. Just as in a family, where parents teach, train, and help their children learn what is necessary to succeed in the world outside of their home; Dot’s House has lent a helping hand to these authors to help guide them in publishing their dream title. We are proud of these authors who have learned and grown and are now able to step out beyond us and succeed.

It is our continued hope to support these authors as we can with shared updates and links to their websites/social media pages, and we hope we will be able to bring new authors into the house and help them succeed as well.

Dot’s House will continue to be the foundational publisher for M.D. Schlatter Books both past and future titles. We look forward to continuing to help those authors who have chosen to continue affiliation with Dot’s House, and we hope to welcome new members down the road.

If you have a title you would like Dot’s House to consider, we are accepting submissions. Download our Submission Form here. Or contact us through the website for more information.

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