Dot’s House Adds Bible Based Curriculum

Dot’s House is excited to be offering a Bible Based Curriculum to its listing of available publications. Dot’s House recently purchased the rights to the True Vine Curriculum. Over the next few weeks you may notice a new page or two with added forms to help streamline the purchasing process.

We want to welcome all the previous clients who have used True Vine in the past to Dot’s House! We look forward to developing a lasting work relationship with you.

As we are approaching the busy season for ordering this Curriculum, the initial changes will be mininmal as we try to simply facilitate the transfer of documents and fulfill orders. The biggest challenge we face is digitalizing the books from hard copy format. However, Dot’s House has plans to offer online ordering, updated covers and binding, as well as, other cosmetic changes. Check out the new Curriculum Logo:

We promise to keep the integrity of True Vine in tact as we make any edits or changes; and we hope you will like the more modernized look that still holds the same foundational truths True Vine is known for.

If you have previously used True Vine Curriculum, Dot’s House would ask that if you have any edits or errors that you’d like to see changed, please e-mail them to Subject: True Vine Edits. Thank you!

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